The realities of female inferiority and submission

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Submission Does Not Create Dominance

“ContentWoman” presents an argument for female inferiority based in part on anatomy.

[The following is a piece by a woman psychologist. I have left it untouched, and present it for consideration.  As I like to say in such cases , “it articulates a view”!

In my first post here I broached the question of women’s inferiority [ContentWoman argues the case for her own inferiority, article: here], and now I will continue on female submission. As I said previously, a woman has an empty space between her legs that is meant to be acted upon and filled; a void cannot act upon substance. Similarly, her submission is a response to being acted upon, or dominated, by a man, not something she does on her own. The truth is evident in the design of our bodies. Woman is a secondary, derived being and, therefore, inevitably inferior. Woman is most useful in her role as a subordinate to man.

Before I continue, let me simply say that this is a philosophical discussion about the concepts of male and female, not about the particular men and women we have now. What we have now is unnatural, with women acting as men and men who are subservient to women, while both are fearful of each other for real and imaginary reasons. This is not how it is supposed to be, and we know this by the fruits of the experiment. We have as a culture tried to equalise men and women and it is not working well for the simple reason that it was always a bad idea that was bound to fail because it is not possible to make equal two things that are inherently unequal.

To illustrate this, how do men and women operate in the world? A man can dominate one woman and he can go out and dominate within the world. A woman can submit to one man who dominates her, but she cannot submit to the world. For her, this is like serving two masters; for him, he is master – of himself, of his woman, and of the world (not literally, but potentially). We are simply made differently and for different purpose; women are made to be subject to one man, not to make a mark on the world directly; men are made to leave a mark and lead. Again, this relates to our sexual natures, as a man’s sexual nature is to act upon and leave his mark, and a woman is made to receive and foster what he gives to her.

Women, as fundamentally receptive, responsive beings, work best under the guidance of a man. I am writing these posts under the guidance and with the approval of my masculine authority, because we figure out these things together. This is for my benefit and protection. It is not oppressive in the least, since I would rather have his approval and, on the contrary, I feel much more secure knowing that he has my back.


A woman will not have this if she cannot trust her man to protect her, and she will not be able to trust him to protect her if he crumbles over her emotionality or ignores her altogether, neither of which is the loving behaviour of a superior. Parents are the superiors of children, and parents are expected not to crumble when a child is upset or to ignore a child that needs comforting. This is simply to illustrate the relationship between superior and inferior, not to imply that a grown woman is or should be as a child.

All this is why any talk of women’s submission as an antecedent to dominance is by and large a waste of time, since submission can only occur in response to dominance. This is a reality in the same way as it is a reality that a woman cannot fuck, screw or “bone” a man in the natural world. Of course there is an amount of “volition” involved as there is always the possibility of resistance and refusal, but the physiological response is involuntary, and resistance can be overcome. This is not a tacit endorsement of rape, but illustrative of the truth of our respective positions as shown by the reality of our physical bodies. Acting upon is not a violation and while many people presume such a man violates a woman, it actually brings her security since his strength is under his control and not used to harm her.

Put another way, the volition comes in where free will comes in – we can reject God and we can resist a dominant man, but only to a point in both cases, since God is always there regardless, and a dominant man can overpower and overwhelm a woman. Nevertheless, a dominant man is not domineering and the same is true of God. So in such a situation, she is always offered a way to assert her free will.

Expecting submission before dominance is like thinking that salvation comes through loving God before He loves you. This is not possible, since God loves us long before we have an inkling even of His existence – indeed, even before our physical existence. We have the freedom to turn our backs on God but He wants us to come back, and loves us anyway. God does not withdraw His love but we can withdraw ours and often do, since our love can never be equal to God’s perfect (and superior) love. The Church is the bride of Christ (and therefore Christians live in marital submission). God is our Father and King (patriarchy), another aspect of the Trinity. We feel safe within His protection, as a woman feels safe in the protection of a dominant man, and we submit to a powerful God as we cannot submit to nothing or a weak god.

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